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Relationship Between SEO, SEM and Your Superior Share Online Marketing

SEO and SEM (Search Engine Marketing) are closely related efforts that have to do with your Superior Share online marketing. By now we’ve let you in on how SEO is more of a technical discipline than SEM, however both are just as important when it comes to increasing the number of visitors you get and goal conversions from your marketing. While we know the specific definitions of SEO and SEM are often entwined, they each look to increase the overall results from a comprehensive and smart online marketing campaign. SEM is a more vast term when compared to SEO and describes all strategies safeguarding your website ranks well in search engine rankings and increases the number of site visitors. By association, SEM can include social media optimization (SMO) and social media marketing (SMM). SEO is a part of SEM and the latter forms a part of the expansive field of online marketing. When we talk about virtual marketing we talk about an industry that considers all factors related to the marketing of products or services online. When you think about this type of marketing you not only think about promoting your website; you also think about the creative and technical aspects of design, growth, advertising, and online sales. Next week we will talk a little more about SMO, SMM and other virtual marketing techniques that will help your online casino Superior Share strategies.

A Great Online Marketing Strategy: Debunking SEO Myths

When you’re thinking about your Superior Share online casino, affiliate and marketing strategies, you want to rank in the top results of search engines. In simple terms, there’s really no way around it! But worry not, a great strategy is something you can start applying today and if stick with it, you’ll experience positive results. If you want your business to be successful, you want to keep your SEO sharp and running at all times. However, there are many things you could be doing wrong and not even know you’re doing it. Let’s take a look at some popular beliefs or SEO myths that need to be debunked ASAP! First of all, you need to forget about the death of the keyword. Even though keywords may have lost their number one spot in the SEO world, you’re still going to need to do some keyword research. However, you now want to focus on LSI or semantic searching – which we’ll be discussing further in next Superior Share blog installments. Another myth we want to bury is that longer copy is the way to go and that it tends to convert better. But the truth is that length isn’t important at all. In reality, Google doesn’t count words on a page to determine ranking as it even searches 140-character Twitter posts. Keep in mind that even the shortest article is able to generate tons of traffic, shares and comments, all of which will affect placement. What you want to remember is that SEO copywriting content needs to be unique and interesting, regardless of the length. Learn more about organic and paid results in our next Superior Share blog post.

SEO Writing Techniques to Boost Your Superior Share Strategy

Last week we talked about how creating top-notch content and mixing it with strong search engine optimization will work wonders for your online marketing strategy. And this week we’d like to dive in deeper and look at some of the writing techniques that will boost your approach. We mentioned how creating a content calendar helps you keep track of important events you want to be writing about. A calendar will also force you to research your keywords and topics. And since you are writing all your engaging headlines in advance and have a wider scope of your content, you will be avoiding repetition, and most importantly there will be continuity. Finally, if you are doing the right things, your web page and site will attract and maintain more visitors. You also want to create outlines as creating detailed ones for your articles, blog posts, and web copy in advance will help you broaden your online marketing strategy. First of all, this saves you time and effort. It gives you a chance to structure your content for better readability and SEO. Moreover, it makes you think about the messages that you want to convey in your SEO writing and helps you avoid all that unwanted fluff. Let’s talk more about creating outlines and thinking about your audience in our next Superior Share blog installment. Care to join us?

More Tested SEO Strategies to Further Your Affiliate Business

As we mentioned in our previous Superior Share post, solid SEO strategies will make your online casino affiliate business grow and continue growing over time. However, in order for you to be successful at this, you need to stay up to date with the industry best practices and this time around we want you to learn a little more about three different strategies that are perhaps somewhat more on the technical side. 1. Remember to focus on user intent. Ever since Google introduced its search algorithm Hummingbird, queries are handled in a different way and it now considers context and user intent, instead of just matching keywords to pages. This means that content now needs conversational keyword phrases that your readers and/or customers are likely to use when searching for your business. You also want to use broader, semantic terms. 2. Don’t forget about HTTPS (Hyper Text Transfer Protocol Secure – a secure method of exchanging web info). In 2014 Google announced that HTTPS became a ranking signal and that encrypted websites would in turn have a minor ranking advantage. Take into account that to encrypt your site, you’ll need to get an SSL certificate that isn’t free of charge. 3. Work to better your URL structure and change your URLs to static. Optimizing URLs can affect your rankings and click-through rates and could turn out to be one of the best SEO strategies you can use. Search engines find dynamic URLs which contain long ID numbers and “=” and “&” characters difficult to crawl and index. These aren’t very useful for searchers. You want to uses descriptive, page-related keywords in your URLs, and always aim to keep these simple. We’ll continue discussing more about online marketing for affiliates in our next Superior Share blog posts!

3 Proven SEO Strategies to Boost Your Business

By now we’re sure you know that well-grounded SEO strategies lead to online success and the growth of your business. However, with the constant evolution of the web and search engines, it’s not easy to know what a truly well-grounded SEO strategy really is. To make things easier on yourself, you want to always be up-to-date with changes and stick to industry best practices. Let’s start by pointing out 3 proven SEO strategies you can start implementing right away in order for you to increase traffic, leads, and conversions, as well as strengthen your online reputation. 1. Optimizing for mobile should be one of your top priority SEO strategies as mobile has become the leading digital platform. Internet usage on mobiles such as iPhones, Android or Tablet devices is now exceeding desktop usage, and Google prefers responsive and mobile-optimized websites. 2. Focus on tracking ROI metrics instead of solely tracking keyword rankings. You want to ask yourself if those keywords are generating leads and if they’re capturing new sales and business. 3. Keep in mind that you want to build fewer and better links since inbound links have always been a Google ranking signal. But also remember that link quality is crucial. A few amount of links from trusted authority sites work much better than many links from mediocre sites. We’ll take a look at other SEO strategies that will help you boost your business in our next Superior Share online casino affiliate blog installment. Stay tuned!

Steps to Successfully Implement LSI keywords for SEO

As you now know, from our previous Superior Share blog installments, the first thing you need to do in order to achieve a successful strategy of LSI keyword implementation for SEO, is to pinpoint the main keyword or keywords that you wish to target. Keyword research is a vital step towards creating the best content possible. As you progress, you want to look for the Related LSI keywords (rLSI) and Synonymous LSI keywords (sLSI) terms to that of your main keywords. The rLSI are used to diversify your articles and broaden its information, while the sLSI keywords are used to enhance the keyword density of the term you want to rank for. When you think about LSI keywords for search engine optimization you want to be creating content with a double purpose. The first goal is to have your readers in mind, but you also want to be thinking about how search engines, such as Google, will react. Take a closer look at your rLSI terms and search for concepts or topics that are vital and related to the main keyword. When you have these new themes you can then create content that covers all of these ideas. In turn, you’ll have the chance to create useful content that makes use of LSI keywords. You also want to share keyword density of your keywords with your synonymous LSI phrases. Use these sLSI keywords less regularly than your main keyword phrase. Don’t forget to continue adding your keywords in your H1 and H2 tags and also include these at lease once above the fold. Furthermore, be sure to always add your keywords in your meta-data (title tags) and semantic-markup. Stay tuned for new Superior Share blog installments as we’ll continue with more helpful tools on social media marketing, SEO, content marketing […]

LSI Keywords and Implementing These For SEO

In a previous Superior Share blog installment we mentioned the use of LSI (Latent Semantic Indexing) keywords. In order to be able to create a successful web content and SEO strategy, you need to truly understand what these LSI keywords are and how to implement them for SEO. LSI Keywords are the related keywords for a particular keyword you’re going to use and a vital part of the Google algorithm. The vast majority of the search engines we use today, such as Google, look at LSI Semantics to decide the relationship between different parts of the web content. LSI keywords help Google get the meaning of the written content on a site, and it also had to do with search relevancy. In the early days, keywords would easily rank a webpage simply by being inserted repeatedly into one article. But now we know that Google punishes those who do just that and there’s a strong tendency to avoid keyword stuffing and over-optimizing. We also know that Google has confirmed that when you use more LSI keywords, your page will typically rank better. Keep in mind that people are searching for the same keyword in different ways, however a page needs to include all the other relevant keywords. There are many different LSI keyword tools out there, and one of these is the Google search box. Still, you need to know how to use this tool in your advantage as you can find LSI keywords from simple Google search suggestions. In addition, you’ll also be able to find them from related searches at the bottom of the SERP (Search Engine Results Page). In our next Superior Share article, we’ll go deeper into how to successfully implement LSI Keywords for a correct SEO strategy

What Makes the Content of your Website Good Content?

An effective content strategy is all about creating the right content and getting it across the correct audience at the right time. However, you also want to think about content quality. When building your social media strategy, content is key. When you’re creating your copy you’re thinking about conveying information while inspiring trust and loyalty to your product, company or brand. Most importantly, you want to engage the reader. It’s of vital importance to recognize that the way you speak to your readers will have a tremendous effect. Your content must seem detailed and sincere. When it comes to building a social media strategy you want to keep in mind that when people visit your page they will be looking for something that differentiates your company from the rest. Don’t just use the most common pages such as Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest, Twitter or Google Plus. There are many other social media platforms out there – such as Linkedin, YouTube, and Flickr – that can help you expand your social media positioning. Remember to add content to your blog at a comfortable pace. Constantly updating new material will keep your readers active and engaged. Feel free to schedule your blog or social media posts in advance so you’ll always have fresh content in sight. We’ll discuss more in future Superior Share blog installments about creating content with a consistent voice that conveys the characteristics of your company in a style appropriate to your readers.

A Successful Marketing Campaign and Ranking in Search Engines

When you’re considering a successful online marketing campaign, you want to make sure that you’re getting more search traffic. In order to achieve this, there are specific steps you can take to boost your website search traffic. As we’ve explained in the past, the most powerful and effective way to increase it is by writing SEO friendly content. Search Engine Optimization friendly content is that content that is properly optimized without spamming. Coming up with content that’s Google friendly is simple if you’re able to stick with the correct strategies. If can write content without causing any damage to your readership, then you’ll be able to increase traffic to your website and also bring more leads and sales. The very first step you need to follow is to do a comprehensive keyword research. Being able to find the correct keywords is what will first and foremost increase your website search traffic. Making use of keyword research such as Google’s Keyword Planner, Word Tracker and the likes, will help you find the best keywords to increase your organic traffic. After you’ve done your keyword research, it’s time to learn about using LSI (latent semantic indexing) keywords and the use of these rather than using keyword stuffing, which will quickly get you penalized by Google. LSI keywords are the relevant terms to your targeted keywords, or synonymous terms. These are based on user search patterns and behavior and the way that one keyword search is linked to another keyword search. You want to avoid repeating the same keyword (or keyword stuffing) over again and again in hopes of ranking well. We’ll continue with more SEO and marketing strategy tips on our next Superior Share blog post.

New game releases in 2013 – interactive slots and more!

Are you looking for the most effective casino game banners for your casino portal website? Then you should check out the latest works of art released by Superior Share. New game banners are released regularly as Superior Casino is set to produce new casino slots every month in 2013. The latest release is Midway Madness, a I-slot (interactive slot) with 3 games in 1. Players get to activate different “casings” each with their own unique pay-table and bonus games. Find English and French banners in different sizes in your Superior Share account. Here is a sample of one of the banners. Remember banners can be found in multi-currency as Superior Share produces marketing material in Euro, US dollar, Australian Dollar, South African Rand and UK pounds. Stay tune next week as a new game is released, the new video slot: Zombiezee Money Contact your affiliate manager if you have any questions or special requests. Remember too that Superior Share provides unique game reviews for your site to boost your SEO potential!