Game Reviews

Dr. Acula Slot Review

The prince of Transylvania, Vlad the Impaler or Count Dracula – they all embody the same classic image: the world’s most famous vampire. Always wearing his black and red cloak, and always hungry for blood, everyone’s favorite fiend is now wearing scrubs in the new slot machine Dr. Acula. With 3 rels and 5 paylines, this classic slot has got it all: eerie images, spooky sounds and rewarding times. The background image in this creepy slot machine is the Dr. himself with an evil grin on his face. The rest of the images are also as spooky with a zombie nurse, blood tubes, plasma bags, the classic 7s, a bloody needle and everything bloody.

Scary Rich Slot 3 Review

Scary Rich 3 is part of the fun, exciting and spooky saga of Scary Rich slots. This particular game stands out in that it has 50 different paylines for you to create an endless amount of winning combinations. Scary Rich 3 has 5 reels that have been designed with some of the most chilling characters and symbols that truly pay tribute to the scariest celebration of the year: Halloween. However, one of the coolest (or shall we shay, chilliest) reasons to play Scary Rich 3 is the fact that there are tons of spooky winning chances hidden in every single spin.

Scary Rich Slot 2 Review

It’s always a good time to celebrate Halloween, especially when there’s tons of fun available on the reels. Scary Rich 2 is the sequel to the already successful Scary Rich game, but with a different twist. This profitable game is all about getting your scare on with symbols such as knives, evil dools, creepy zombies and rats. The design is spooky in all senses with a red and black color combination, plus the spooky sound effects also help put you in the eerie mood as soon as you hit the spin button.

Scary Rich Slot 1 Review

  Just in time to get your spook on, Scary Rich is the original, spookiest slot game around. Eerie characters, frightening sound effects and beastly jackpot prizes will help you fill your account with rewarding treats. Scary Rich is the perfect game for all types of players regardless of the amount they want to spend. You can place your wagers with different values that range from 0.01 and up to 0.25 (configurable). Use 1 and up to 10 coins per line with a total default bet set at $2.00.

Almighty Dollar Slot Review

Game description There are many different types of deities and we’re all entitled to have our own beliefs. And when it comes to believing in slots wins, there’s nothing like a game that pays tribute to the Almighty Dollar. This 5-line and 3-Reel slot mixes in celestial images with dollars signs, what could possibly be more enticing? We all want some kind of special being to look over our shoulder and Almighty Dollar takes care of that. The background image features two angel wings of celestial entities that are looking over your winning combinations.

Mighty Aphrodite Slot Review

Aphrodite is the goddess of love and is known for being mischievous, flirty, beautiful and very sensual. Her beauty would surely tempt anyone who dared to come near her – and now, the Mighty Aphrodite is roaming the reels tempting players to hit the spin button, where rewarding wins are waiting to be claimed. With 5 reels and a total of 25 paylines, Mighty Aphrodite is looking more beautiful than ever with her enchanting power of helping players amass massive amounts of wins.

Red White & Bleu Slot Review

Classic slot machine games continue to be some of the most rewarding games around and Red White & Bleu is no exception to the rule. With only 3 reels and 1 payline, this traditional slot is sure to make you a winner faster than you can say France, which coincidently (or maybe not) is the main theme of the game. Paying tribute to the land of the Eifel tower, this slot game features the colors of the flag of France, which are Red, White & Bleu. Play it with different betting options and coin sizes that range anywhere from 0.10, 0.25, 0.50, 1, 2, 5 and up to 10 coins. The amount of possible coins per pay line ranges from 1 and up to 3, which makes the default bet size of $1.50.

Global Cup Soccer Slot Review

The 2018 FIFA World Cup is soon approaching. Players from all parts of the globe are getting ready to cheer on their favorite team to win the most exciting soccer event of the year. New and existing Superior and 24VIP Casino players are invited to join in the excitement by spinning the reels of the perfectly fitting Global Cup Soccer slot with up to 1.000 Free Spins. Members that deposit $25 will earn 400 Free Spins and depositors of $50 deposit get to play with 1,000 Free Spins. There’s a $0.05 cap per spin associated with this promotion and a 20x playthrough requirement before any cashout is requested. The Free Spins are up for grabs for the duration of the World Cup, from June 14th – July 15th.

Lucky Labyrinth Slot Game Review

  Online slot lovers don’t need to head into the guts of a strange city to get lost, there’s a new slot in town that offers that opportunity. And getting lost doesn’t have to be a scary experience – it can be a very rewarding and entertaining one! It’s all very possible when spinning the fabulous reels of Lucky Labyrinth. Mazes have fascinated people since forever, and Lucky Labyrinth promises to fascinate all types of casino players. The maze of this slot has been carefully crafted into 5 reels and 30 paylines that are packed with huge winning opportunities that occur with the assistance of Wilds, Multipliers and extra special bonus features. The available coin sizes that can be used in Lucky Labyrinth include 0.01, 0.05, 0.10 and 0.25 (configurable). You can choose to place your bets with 1 up to 10 coins wagered per line and the default wager configuration is set at $0.10 coin × 8 coins per line × 30 lines = $2.40.

Cleopatra’s Coin Slot Review

Cleopatra’s Coins is one of the most legendary and popular slot machine games of all times. This game is a rather simple slot, but with excellent touches and more importantly, huge chances of winning. The reels of Cleopatra’s Coins pay homage to Ancient Egypt and feature some of the most prominent characters of this golden era. A wonderful introductory video announces what’s to come when spinning this radiant slot: a chance to spend time with the Queen of Egypt whilst creating rewarding combinations on the 5 reels and 15 paylines. Cleopatra’s Coins is packed with fantastic bonus features and prizes. The game is for every bettor type with coin denominations ranging from 0.01, 0.05, 0.10, 0.25 and 0.50 with a maximum wager of 5 coins per line. The default bet configuration is 20 x 10 coins per line. The array of betting options in this slot is plentiful and players can choose to hit the spin button or the Autoplay feature for an easier ride through the sandy reels.