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7 Chakras Slot – Saucify

Energy flows through our bodies using the 7 chakras described by Hindu and Buddhists beliefs. Our psyche and body are intertwined with how these chakras are aligned. If you think your energy is somehow blocked, Saucify’s 7 chakras video slot game is here to help release the tension and let the positive energy invade and flow all over you. Come with me to learn some more about this game.

Psychedelia in the house
This game is no joke. Developers took seriously the theme presenting you with a psychedelic background, full of fluorescent colors for you to feel the positives vibes. Music plays an important role, as soon as the game loads the drums and sitars typical from this Asian culture will sweeten your ears. The card symbols are no more than the 7 chakras, each with a different shape and color to represent these key energy elements. The whole screen will definitely start the process of releasing the bad and letting the good energy and fun seize the playing experience.

A stream of positive vibes
This is a 5×3 video slot game that will take you to experience the most relaxing yet fun moments. Once you start playing the wins will be paid as long as they flow through the game grid from left to right. The only symbol that will pay no matter its position will be the Scatter. The first step would be setting your bet, to do so you will have to click on the bottom displayed on the upper right corner of your screen. To set the bet you have to take 3 aspects: coin size, coins per line and the lines. Coin size will let you choose from 0.01, 0.05,0.10 and 0.25, then you can select among the 5 coins per lines possibilities. Finally, there are 49 win lines, you can decide if betting on all 49 or going lower. You will also have the chance to click on Betmax, this will override your selection and set the max bet which will be 61.25 credits per round.

On this same window, you can also see two more sections: Autoplay and Options. By clicking on Autoplay you can set how many spins this mode would have. And by clicking on start the game will automatically spin de reels as many times as you have selected, however, if you feel like stopping before the spins are completed you can do by clicking on the stop button.
The last button shown on the upper right corner is the “i” button, clicking here will give the information needed to learn how the payouts are given on this game. You can also see the value of chakra on the game. Don’t block your chakras, let the stream go through your body with this awesome saucify’s game.

7 Chakras features
Value of cards will go from the highest (crown chakra) to the lowest (root chakra) according to the importance of each of the seven. You can learn more about how much would pay these cards by checking the paytable information. One of the best things about the game is the stacked wild symbol which shows a woman and her 7 chakras, this card will take 2 positions and can land on any of the 5 reels. Once you get these symbols the Wild will take the place of any symbols to help you get winning combinations, also this wild card will double the wins on the combinations gotten on the round.
A closed fluorescent lotus flower will bring the most luck to you playing since it will be the Scatter symbol. Getting 3 of these flowers will start the bonus game that let you have “Ascension” of free spins. This bonus game will let you get even more free spins, you will get 7 guessing possibilities to get one more free spin, one for each chakra. This bonus game will also let you win additional multipliers to make you winning possibilities grow exponentially. A great plus from this bonus game is that you will get a lesson on how each chakra influences your spirit and body.

If you’ve been feeling bad energy is blocking your luck and you’ve been low and blue. This is the perfect game for you since you won’t only have fun and chances to get some really good cash but you will also learn about how this ancient belief works. Let the positivity flow and don’t miss 7 chakras slot game.