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New SEO Trends to Expect for your Superior Share New Year

The SEO world is constantly changing. And in this ever-changing and volatile SEO world, Superior Share online marketing strategy needs to be up to date with what’s happening and what will happen in the New Year to come. As a matter of fact, every single month something new seems to change things around and this should always be our driving force to reevaluate what’s important and what’s not. When we look at what was going on SEO wise back in 2011, it really doesn’t have much in common with best practices today. However, it’s important to keep in mind that many of today’s best practices will be relevant for the long run. As 2015 comes to an end, it’s vital for you to consider which elements of your SEO campaign will be relevant throughout 2016 and which ones might expire or change in unfamiliar ways. This year we witnessed many changes to the Search Engine Optimization landscape, from tweaks and tugs here and there to ranking factors to changes in potential visibility. In the New Year to come you can expect more changes similar to these. When we take a closer look at what’ going on, we can determines search engine’s – such as Google – priorities, and use these to estimate changes that will happen in the near future. For one, 2016 will have social media becoming an even bigger asset for your strategy, as it will have more importance in the search visibility area. At the present time, social media probably plays a minimal role in directly influencing your rankings, though it likely plays strong indirect roles in doing so. Bigger social signals (for instance, users actually sharing your content or interacting and networking with your brand) are helpful when it comes to ranking higher, but in general, […]