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SuperiorShare Newsletter: September Bitcoin Special Edition

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Announcement: End of Summer Promotion

  August is over, and our members are saying goodbye to a wonderful summer season playing in Superior, 24VIP and 888 Tiger Casinos. The good news is that our busy season actually starts on September, so this is just the first step to open the gate to success for all bettors – as new games, promos and breaking news will be announced for the next weeks!

Bitcoin – Popular Exchange Sites Per Country

Country: USA USA Binance Kraken Coinmama

Our Popular Bitcoin Markets & Exchange Sites

Every Bitcoin user and market has unique needs, so there is no one size fits all when it comes to this cryptocurrency exchange sites. No matter where folks are located, if they’re looking to play with Bitcoin at any of our brands – Superior Casino, 24 VIP Casino and 888 Tiger – they can turn to a trustworthy exchange. A bitcoin exchange is a digital marketplace where traders can buy and sell Bitcoins via different fiat currencies. This online platform will act as an intermediary between buyers and sellers of the cryptocurrency.

Wild Weather Slot – Tom Horn Gaming

Weather can be a very tricky thing, have you ever been outside having a wonderful day when suddenly a crazy storm comes out the blue? Well, depending on the region weather can be either easy and predictable, or harsh and uncertain. Howsoever, nobody gets rid of experiencing, at least once, adverse weather conditions, and that’s exactly what this game aims to achieve with its weather plot. Wild Weather is a 5-reel video slot game developed by Tom Horn Gaming, an elite platform with a huge reputation in the online casino industry because of remarkable features such as astonishing graphics, one-of-a-kind special features, and an overall polished design, which, of course, is what you can first experience in this game. Let’s take a closer look at this online slot and what’s the best way to squeeze the winning chances in it!

Thrones Of Persia Slot – Tom Horn Gaming

Thrones Of Persia is a video slot game that will unravel all the Persian mysteries and take you to discover the most amazing treasures hidden in the walls and alleys of this ancient destination. If you are the kind of person thrilled by conquering your fears to reach your highest ambitions, this game has the perfect theme for you. Let’s learn some more about it!  

Savannah King Slot – Tom Horn Gaming

The immensity of the African savannah spreads across the screen of Savannah King by Tom Horn Games, showing the most stunning and marvelous view. This game was created to depict the wilderness and vast beauty of this landscape and its living creatures. The king’s roar brings good news to all players enhancing their possibilities to get big wins. Let’s find out more!  

Monster Madness Slot – Tom Horn Gaming

Have you dreamed of what the world is going to be like in the future? Do you believe we are not alone in the universe? Then Monster Madness is definitely the game for you. Playing this game will take you to travel in time to a world where monsters, aliens and, drones are all real. The friendly monsters will accompany you through this futuristic journey where drones will enhance your winning possibilities. Developers from Tom Horn Gaming made sure this game displays an awesome space-age design with an ultimate background and visionary sound effects. You can play it on your mobile or desktop so don’t miss the newfangled fun that awaits you.

Geisha’s Fan Slot – Tom Horn Gaming

How delicate and subtle their movements! How incredibly blissful the sound of their voices! A true Geisha is not only alluring, but she’s also an artist, a disciplined skilled woman trained to perform and entertain. Her fan is almost an extension of her arm and it is as beautiful and colorful as her dressings. The beauty and cunning secrets so intertwined in this culture are perfectly displayed in this game powered by Tom Horn Gaming. Developers made a great effort to make graphics splendorous and entertaining. Let’s dive into this beautiful yet fun game!

Fire ’n’ Hot Slot – Tom Horn Gaming

Nowadays slot games offer plenty of new themes and features which make you travel to different places, meet new concepts and more. This can be exciting and creative, however, sometimes one just need the taste of the old-school flavor. Fire ‘n’ hot makes the perfect combination of classic slot game elements and hot fun swag. Tom Horn gaming made this game using the traditional fruit symbols of slot machines and the wonderful lucky number 7. You will definitely want to get the classic but spicy fun Fire ‘n’ hot has for you. Burn your hesitation and break this game down with me!