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What’s in Store for 2016 SEO Trends that Work for your Superior Share Strategy

2016 is almost here and it’s time to take a look at the final SEO trends that will rule your Superior Share online marketing strategy this New Year.

As Search Engine Optimization continues to move to include new technologies and platforms, next year it will be increasingly important for your brand to be on top of them all.

Currently Twitter is testing a new feature called Moments, which will add posts, images, and videos from live events and ongoing news stories into a single channel for users to see. In other words, in 2016 people will actually become content creators, and other users can see events unfolding firsthand.

Hence, added content will reduce the strength of news articles that aren’t automatically sourced and will lessen the field of content marketing for everyone and in turn rising in importance for search visibility.

Moreover, Google has already deals in place with Facebook and Twitter for 2016 where users search for a news item, and they will most likely see a tweet or two appear in their mobile search results. Net year more platforms will become more strongly indexed in the vaults available to the most important search engines. Social posts will be as important to any independent web page, and the separation of “web” and “social media” will become even more distant when looked at from an SEO perspective.

In the New Year deep links in apps will hold an even stronger value. As part of the change toward focusing on mobile users, search engines are already anticipating a move into a world where apps could overtake traditional websites in popularity and functionality.

It’s time to celebrate yet another successful year at Superior Share! Keep posted for more blog posts containing more online marketing tips, SEO strategies and much more!