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The 4 Pillars of Digital Marketing for Superior Share Readers

By now we’re sure that you’re more than aware of the fact that digital marketing – otherwise known as online marketing — is any type of marketing provided via an Internet, mobile or tablet device. Digital marketing is intricate and is composed of various elements that must be incorporated into your general marketing plan. Hence, it’s strongly suggested that you establish your Superior Share plans and associated strategies around the four pillars of digital marketing, which are: content, communication, community and commerce.

These 4 pillars are connected and support each other. You must aim to use each of these components and remember that they all work individually as well as collaboratively to accomplish overarching business objectives.

Yeah, we’ve said it before and we’ll say it again: content is king. With strong content you’re bound to attract readers as well as search robots. As social media has evolved, so has the importance of your digital marketing message’s context and content in general. When it comes to digital platforms, communication is vital as we can deliver messages through various communication channels, including email, feeds, chats, social media and more.

A sense of community has grown incredibly over the last few years in digital marketing terms. Social media networks such as Facebook, work as platforms that individuals benefit from and use to engage and interact with others. These platforms have actually become the tools to extend engagement and sharing – and therefore attract others to your brand. Commerce and having a digital presence is vital when making sure that your offering is included in the consideration set.