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More SEO Trends to Expect for Your 2016 Superior Share Year

With 2015 coming to and end, it’s a great moment to continue taking a look at what will shape the future of Search Engine Optimization and the many changes that we predict will take place. First off, these days we know that written content is known as the “standard,” and throughout the year we’ve mentioned that including different formats of content in your online casino affiliate marketing strategy is a good idea. However, we also know that written content goes hand in hand with images, videos, infographics, images, and other mediums serving as exterior additions. But as a New Year approaches we can rest assured that a series of new technologies, and the persistence of trends that we’ve come to know, will change and video content will most likely play a bigger role. Apps such as Vine, Periscope, Snapchat, and more have already had an effect on visual content, but in 2016 we can look for Google to continue experimenting with video ads in search results. 2015 was a huge year for mobile and the New Year will bring even more optimization for mobile users. While we’ve grown used to desktop being a standard form of search, mobile searches have now surpassed desktop searches and in 2016 you can look for mobile traffic to gtow even more and desktop sites to begin fading into the background. Next year will truly be the year for digital assistants such as Siri and Google Now. Spoken language queries are vastly different from typed queries, which means a whole new type of long-tail keyword queries will rise. This trend could reward and better position pages that use colloquial or conversational content. We’ll continue to look at more SEO trends to expect in 2016 in our last Superior Share blog post of the year. Stay […]