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Bitcoin BTC – Anonimous transactions

One of the most worrying situations when transacting on the internet is the possibility of being hacked, this is, being exposed to compromising your IP address, passwords, accounts, and others. As a matter of fact, every day thousands of people access information that belongs to others without consent, a product of their passwords inattentions by performing transactions or payments in free Wi-Fi networks, among other types of things that can expose their personal and banking information.

As a solution to this, cryptocurrencies have been considered as a new system to transfer from anonymity without exposing themselves to irregularities of the above-explained type. But, is it really anonymous to transact with cryptos? Let’s find out all about it!

Anonymity in cryptocurrencies
One thing to note in regards to anonymity in cryptocurrencies is that even though when transacting with virtual currencies such as Bitcoin can be way more private than with fiat currencies through our banks, still these transactions are not completely anonymous. In this sense, the difference between a regular transaction in our bank and a transaction with BTC is that the second one is made without the need of our personal information, which means, we can create an operation just by having a pseudonym in the blockchain.

However, this doesn’t mean we’re completely untraceable. In fact, we can still be tracked by our IP addresses or other codes stored in our internet connection. In this sense, what we can do during our various transaction processes is to change our IP and thus limit the chances of being tracked by anyone. On the other hand, in some cases, we must include our public address, which we can change after each transaction and do it as many times as we wish. Similarly, there are proxies that can hide our IP making unreasonable or hard to detect any of our bank movements and the cryptocurrency transactions we create.

With relation to this, some companies provide the labeled “Mixing service”, a service responsible for receiving multiple transactions, organize them randomly and send them to different matches thus making impossible to trace the origin of these transactions and its final date. All these services look to ensure the safety of the users, and you can be sure they do it very well.
To sum up, even when crypto-related transactions are not completely anonymous, they’re still way safer than the regular transactions we know, and they can be even more if you take into account the above recommendations.

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