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Bitcoin Affiliates

A successful Bitcoin casino affiliate program can be an excellent source of income for those who understand how to get paying players to a website. No one can deny the place and importance of Bitcoin in the online casino industry and with the rise of the cryptocurrency market, everyone seems to want to take a look at the excitement and chances to earn extra income. With all this in mind, Superior Share has quickly positioned itself as one of the most progressive and rewarding Bitcoin affiliate programs in the market today.

With an opportunity for you to claim a staggering up to 45% commission for every player referral, it is easy to see why our program is the best way to monetize your Bitcoin gambling traffic.

At Superior Share you get to collect your revenue share and get paid in Bitcoin, the world’s most innovative digital currency that gives you and your players the ability to maintain complete anonymity – an element of uttermost importance in the online gambling world. Furthermore, this decentralized cryptocurrency enables you to collect your commissions faster than ever and in just a matter of minutes you will have more Bitcoins in your wallet than before, without the need for you to buy these at an exchange or even mine for coins yourself.

By promoting Superior Casino and 24VIP, two of the highest quality Bitcoin casinos in the industry, you can rest assured that you can always count on top player retention and the best conversion rates.

Keep in mind that Superior Share’s Bitcoin offer is 45% on the revenue share for both our casinos – one of the highest conversions rate in the industry when it comes to cryptocurrencies. We will provide you with all the Bitcoin marketing tools you need to promote our sites and refer players via email, chat and social media. Feel free to contact us for further information.