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Betsoft: Reels Of Wealth Slot

Reels Of Wealth Slot

When it comes to casinos nothing screams “thrill” more than reel games. In fact, this type of entertainment has had several updates in terms of game modes, visual effects, and some other features. In this sense, nowadays we can enjoy a very practical game with so many different variations for us to love to the fullest.
Likewise, in terms of love, one of the most loveable games of this kind is Reels of Wealth. A game that seems to be here to make us win more than ever before. One of the most distinguished features of this game is that is equipped with several options to increase our winnings and make us have a hell of experience while playing it. Truth be told, this game is different from others because of all of the new features added in order to make it stand out.
This reel will make you enjoy as never before with a fancy, jewelry look and an easy platform. Let’s see how to play it.

How to play it

Reals of Wealth is as simple as any other reel out there, which means you will have to bet and spin the wheel in order to earn some wins out of it. However, there are some other characteristics to mention.
The main feature you will find is the re-spinning, an option that will allow you to spin the wheel once again every time you win (this one is automatic). On this free spinnings, you may get some win multipliers as well, which may help you get three times your previous win depending on the numbers of spinnings you have decided to play.

The multiplier winnings will work this way, spins 1-4 pay the standard win, spins 5-7 pay x2 the standard win and spins 8+ pay x3 the standard win. If you get a win with a multiplier symbol included, this one will pay double. Pay attention, Wild symbol only occurs on reel 2 and 4 and the wild symbol substitutes for all symbols except Scatter and Megastart symbol. On the other hand, when it comes to wilds this game has a very interesting twist. For instance, the regular wild you may find on the reels would be a little bit different here. In fact, Plus the wild symbol, Reels of Wealth uses a wild multiplier which will stack with other multipliers for some crazy wins. And now for even more crazy stuff, this reel has two, hear well, two scatter icons, crazy stuff. The vault of wealth which pays immediately or the megastar jackpot symbol which pays players in a much richer fashion.

Also, you will find a Scatter symbol which pays in any position,. The game pays from left to right, right to left and center out. Only the highest paying wins and all payouts are multiplied by line bet.
You will find a double up options, this option will let you bet your winnings on any standard win. If you succeed you will double your wins immediately.
At this point I have talked about some good stuff of this game but guess what, there is even more. If three or more of the Megastar Jackpot appears anywhere on the reels the Megastar Jackpot mini-game starts. The looks of the reel change to a fancy version of it and you definitely will experience a momentum. This incredible option allows people to try to get one of the four incredible jackpots. If you are lucky enough you will get one of these and it will explode on your screen. These jackpots are 4, HERO, STAR, LEGEND and MEGASTAR.


The ones what really matter are The vault of wealth and the megastar jackpot, if you get three or more Megastar jackpot anywhere on the reels, this will trigger Megastar features. This features has their own pack of symbols with a lot of glamour and winnings.
The highest value symbols are, The vault of wealth (x3 20, x4 60 and x5 250), a bag of gold (x3 15, x4 50, x5 200), the cash and jewels (x3 15, x4 40 and x5 150), and the three gems (x3 10, x4 30 and x5 100) the gems value will decrease according to the gem.
As well you will see J, Q, K, Gold bars and different cool ones which will add a little bit of glamour to it.
So in conclusion, this reel isn’t only a good option in terms of winning options, it is also super fun, visually incredible and one of the best decisions you may take in comparison to other games. Reels of Wealth is a wonderful mixture between new options and the traditional reels. Its new board and the inclusion of a millionaire mini-game makes of this a one-of-a-kind option.

Reels of wealth slot has been designed by Betsoft Gaming and is available at 888Tiger Casino, 24 VIP Casino and Superior Casino.