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Almighty Dollar Slot Review

Game description
There are many different types of deities and we’re all entitled to have our own beliefs. And when it comes to believing in slots wins, there’s nothing like a game that pays tribute to the Almighty Dollar. This 5-line and 3-Reel slot mixes in celestial images with dollars signs, what could possibly be more enticing?

We all want some kind of special being to look over our shoulder and Almighty Dollar takes care of that. The background image features two angel wings of celestial entities that are looking over your winning combinations.

Pray no more for golden coins as these will fall from the skies with help from halos, trumpets, harps, and divine 7’s. Moreover, the time your spend spinning the Almighty Dollar reels will be rewarded with more blessings with a 3X wild icon and free spins.

The available coin sizes that can be used in Almighty Dollar range from 0.01, 0.05, 0.10, 0.25, 0.50, 1.00, 2.00 and up to 5.00 (configurable). Players can spin the reels with 1 to 3 coins wagered per line and the default wager configuration is $0.01 coin × 3 coins per line × 5 lines = $1.50. The default jackpot amount is $45 and the max jackpot is $2,250.

The symbols that appear on the reels of Almighty Dollar are all heavenly and will transport you way up to the clouds. You’ll be collecting wins when landing a combination of halos, harps, the Lion that opens the doors to heaven, trumpets and celestial 7’s. There’s also the image of a male and a female angel that pop up when a Free Spins or Wild win occurs.

Special Features
Almighty Dollar is a holy slot that helps you create winning combos in multiple ways. Landing two of the Free Spins symbol will award 7 free games. Furthermore, if you land 3 of these, you’ll be spinning the reels for free a total of 21 times. The Wild symbol in this celestial slot has a 3x multiplier of your original bet, hugely increasing your wins for even more chances of Almighty Dollar action.