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Tips for safer gambling

Online casino gambling is a leisure activity. Whether it’s you, or someone you love, who chooses to take part in online gambling, it’s vital to understand that this activity comes with possibly severe risks. Unquestionably, the vast majority of people that visit Superior Casino and 24VIP are those that love to have fun while placing their bets, but at times this entertaining activity can spiral out of control and people need to protect themselves when it comes to problem gambling.

There are several tips that online casino goers must follow is they want their experience to remain positive at all times. First off and most importantly, players must remember at all times that gambling should be balanced with other leisure activities and that online casino gaming should be done in moderation.

This activity should never be seen as a way of making a living or escaping ones problems. Bettors should keep in mind that they need to establish a deposit limit they can easily fit in with their living budgets and only play with the cash they can absolutely afford to lose. It’s important to keep track of the money they have spent at the online casino, which is easily done by visiting their Transaction History in their Superior Casino or 24VIP accounts and taking a look at their Wagers, Deposits, Withdrawals or Reversals history. This way, players will have a more detailed image of how much they have spent, won and lost. Players must understand the odds/probabilities of winning and losing, and take their time to study the rules of the online casino games they have chosen to play.

Moreover, members are encouraged to use the Gambling Management tools available at our casinos such as setting deposit limits and Self-exclusion periods. For further information players can contact a savvy Customer Support agent or visit our Responsible Gaming pages at and