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SuperiorShare Announcement – New Affiliate System


New Affiliate System

Dear Affiliates,

We are excited to announce a New SuperiorShare Affiliate System to be released on February 13th.

Please, login as soon as possible to update all your affiliate information

including Accounting and Marketing information. If you have already done this, please disregard.

What do you have to change?

Your current login and casinos tracking links remains the same.

What is going to happen now?

  • All your stats data history will be transferred to the new system.
  • We will start migrating all historical data from 2018 first after your first login. Data previous to 2018 will follow soon after release.
  • You can continue to use existing tracking URLs and monitor your stats with the new affiliate system.
  • If you create a new campaign on the new system, this will generate a new tracking URL which will work same way as existing tracker.

What does the new affiliate system mean for you?

  • The new in-house affiliate system allows to add new customized reports/tools for your needs
  • Able to create campaigns easily and access marketing tools created just for your campaigns
  • Set up tracker links for web, mailer and sms
  • Become aware of all the promos that casinos are running as soon as you login
  • New Marketing Kit to access demo games, xml feeds, media content, etc

What does the new system do for All of Us?

It will allow SuperiorShare to grow our portfolio beyond Rival Software for YOU in the future.

SuperiorShare continues to evolve since 2006 and we thank you for the support. Any questions, please do not hesitate to contact us.

Best Regards,

The SuperiorShare Team