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The world of online casino gambling has certainly come a long way since its early days. When it comes to online slots, players have a chance to choose from traditional 3 reel slots, 5 reel slots, progressive games and the popular i-slots or interactive slots. The games are, by simple definition, slot games that give players the opportunity to interact and get fully involved with the game.

In other word, i-slots are games that place the player in the divers seat. The main goal with these games isn’t just about hitting the spin button and letting things happen. They require a deeper concentration and sometimes even a degree of skill. As a matter of fact, most time when playing these games, players need to be more proactive and keep their eyes real open if they want to advance in the game. The more a player invests mentally in these online slot games, the more they will get in return. And this is especially true when it comes to the bonus round features offered.

These special i-slots include multiple paylines plus multiple reels and offer some of the highest paying prizes in the slots world. Interactive online slot machine games are a lot like a full command video game where players get familiarized with characters, places, icons and scenes. Most interactive slots will offer the same cool features that regular 3 reel slots and 5 reel slots have, like free spin rounds, expanding wild symbols, multipliers and bonus rounds. The bonus round games will unlock a new series of events and players often need to make choices and show a certain amount of skill. Sometimes the bonus rounds will simply payout a nice amount of coins, but other times they will let players move forward with the progression of the game.